Multi Layer Corrugated Board Production Line

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Multi Layer Corrugated Board Production LineMulti Layer Corrugated Board Production LineMulti Layer Corrugated Board Production Line


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Machine Description
1500H Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand
鈼?nbsp;Symmetry structure could install two bundles real paper at the same time, and change the paper without any stop.
鈼?nbsp;Adopt hydraulic drive that could make the real paper lift-lower, clamp and release and move
鈼?nbsp;Adopt pneumatic strain to adjust the real paper.
鈼?nbsp;Expanding clips design.
鈼?nbsp;Tension control by multipoint brake system.

Rail and Tracks
鈼?nbsp;Push the raw paper into place, light and flexible.
鈼?nbsp;The track is buried in the whole, the main frame is welded by 16 channels of steel, which is sturdy and durable.
鈼?nbsp;The upper cover steel plate is welded after installation on site.
鈼?nbsp;Hydraulic feeding paper trolley to load paper.

900 Preheater
鈼?nbsp;The surface of the rolls are polished and plated with chrome.
鈼?nbsp;Electrical motion adjust of the dimension of per-heater, and the range of adjustment:60-270 degree
鈼?nbsp;Per-heater rolls professional manufactured, consistent with national safety standards for pressure vessels.
鈼?nbsp;Pre-heater roller and paper guide roll are plated.
鈼?nbsp;Electrical motion adjust of the dimension of per-heater, suit for different paper and speed.

360S Single Facer
鈼?nbsp;Hydraulic type, paper guiding method adopts wind suction to keep the corrugated shape stable at high speed.
鈼?nbsp;The fan absorbs the corrugated paper in the 180 degree range of the middle corrugated roller through the vacuum box to form a negative pressure zone to complete the corrugated rolling.
鈼?nbsp;The width of the suction groove of the lower corrugated roller does not exceed 2.5mm, which can reduce the stripe marks of single-sided corrugated cardboard.
鈼?nbsp;The transmission part adopts universal joint transmission to isolate the vibration source, which makes the transmission more stable, reliable in operation and stronger in maintenance.
鈼?nbsp;The gearbox adopts oil-immersion lubrication and closed gear transmission to reduce machine vibration.
鈼?nbsp;Adopt automatic cycle of glue supply, pneumatic gluing and reset, with buffer effect.
鈼?nbsp;The gluing area is adjusted electrically, and the gluing part operates independently when the machine stops to prevent the paste from drying up.
鈼?nbsp;The surface of the sizing roller is treated with special mesh engraving and chrome plating.
鈼?nbsp;The gluing part is driven separately and can be pulled out for easy maintenance and cleaning.
鈼?nbsp;The corrugated rolling part is designed with a separate small wallboard, and the corrugated roller is convenient to disassemble, repair and replace the corrugated type.
鈼?nbsp;The upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel and have been heat-treated with a hardness of HRC56-60 degrees. The surface is ground and chrome-plated.

Duplex Bridge
鈼?nbsp;The single-sided corrugated cardboard processed by the single facer is accurately sent to the tension brake or suction brake through the conveyor belt to the bridge conveyor for the next process.
鈼?nbsp;Using suction tensioning device, using 5.5KW high-pressure centrifugal frequency conversion fan to vacuum absorb and tension the cardboard, electric correction to ensure that the cardboard is firmly and flat.
鈼?nbsp;Electrical control is equipped with two operating panels, which can be adjusted in two places on the bridge.
鈼?nbsp;The delivery department adopts an independent frequency conversion control drive to synchronize with the single-facer. The single-faced corrugated board made by each single-facer is transported to the bridge to maintain a certain amount of single-faced corrugated board on the bridge. To compensate for the speed change of the production line, it is finally transported to multiple preheating and then preheated to the glue spreader and double-sided machine for bonding and forming.
鈼?nbsp;It is equipped with a paper conveying rack, and two sets of conveying belts are used for inclined setting. The speed of conveying and stacking is relatively slow, thus forming a wave-like overlap, which achieves the purpose of storing single-facer corrugated cardboard.

900T Triple Preheater

鈼?nbsp;Each roller surface is well whetted and chrome plated sooth and durable.
鈼?nbsp;Electrical motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, the range of adjustment: 60-220 掳
鈼?nbsp;The pre-heating roller is made according to national container safety standard
鈼?nbsp;Pre-heating roller and guiding paper roller are eclectically galvanized
鈼?nbsp;Electrical motion adjust the dimension of pre-heater, suitable with different grades of paper and machinery speed

318D Duplex Glue Machine

鈼?nbsp;4 pneumatic cylinders to control the paper roller up and down, the gap is electrically adjusted
鈼?nbsp;Synchronous setting: the motor is configured to control the running speed to make it synchronized with the Double facer machine paperboard. When the machine stops briefly, the main motor can operate at a low speed so that the glue will not dry on the surface of the cots.
鈼?nbsp;The amount of glue is controlled by PLC and adjusted according to the speed . The touch screen can display the data, and it can also be adjusted electronically.
鈼?nbsp;Pressure roller electric adjustment display data, electric push rod *2 with displacement sensor

Double Facer
鈼?nbsp;Overall high-strength wide channel steel structure, stable, beautiful and stable structure, suitable for high-speed work
鈼?nbsp;The hot plate is professionally manufactured and meets the national pressure vessel safety standards. 600mm steel hot plate, multiple reinforcing ribs are welded to keep the hot plate not easy to deform.
鈼?nbsp;The heating section adopts a dense roller structure, and the cardboard is glued firmly and fixedly.
鈼?nbsp;The steam inlet and exhaust ports of the steam pipe are arranged in an S shape, and the temperature of the hot plate is balanced and uniform.
鈼?nbsp;The hot plate controls the temperature in sections to adapt to the adjustment of the vehicle speed.
鈼?nbsp;The upper cotton cloth belt is equipped with a set of automatic correction device, and the lower cotton cloth belt is equipped with a set of correction adjustment device.
700 Main Driver
鈼?nbsp;The driving part is a machine which connects the drying part and the cooling part provides the moving energy.
鈼?nbsp;The main structure is steel plate and section steel, with two gluing wheels and paper guide wheels:
鈼?nbsp;The main structure of the roller is made of steel structure with high wear-resisting glue, good abrasion resistance and not easy to slip.
鈼?nbsp;Gearbox transmission.
鈼?nbsp;Driving roller diameter is 700

Waste Paper Cutting Machine
鈼?nbsp;Equipment features: Quickly remove waste cardboard and paper ends, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and save labor
鈼?nbsp;Diameter of paper cutter shaft: 188mm
鈼?nbsp;The cutting length is 600mm-800mm,
鈼?nbsp;Adopt Spiral-inlaid steel serrated blade
鈼?nbsp;The transmission gear adopts 40Cr quenching and tempering treatment, the tooth surface is quenched and ground, tightly fitted, and the chain side adopts spray lubrication.
鈼?nbsp;Electrical appliances: Schneider, Omron brand

Servo NC Slitter Scorer

鈼?nbsp;It can store 999 sets of orders, and realize automatic order change or manual order change without stopping.
鈼?nbsp;Quick order change, the order change time is 2-3 seconds, and the two machines can be used together to change the order immediately without slowing down.
鈼?nbsp;Automatically track the speed of the production line to ensure synchronization with it, and can be connected to the production management system with strong compatibility.
鈼?nbsp;High-performance Taiwan Yonghong programmable controller and TECO servo control system cooperate with fast order changing and accurate positioning.
鈼?nbsp;Three types of pressure line: convex to concave (three-layer line), convex to concave (five-layer line), convex to flat, three types of pressure line can be converted electrically.
鈼?nbsp;Using thin tungsten steel alloy blade, the blade is sharp and the service life is more than 8 million meters.
鈼?nbsp;Blade sharpening automatic sharpening or manual sharpening, which can sharpen the blade while cutting and improve production efficiency.
鈼?nbsp;Adopt imported synchronous drive device, accurate precision, long life and low running noise.
250N Double NC cutter
鈼?nbsp;Special structure design, high tensile strength wall plate and seat, there are watching window on wall plate two sides, convenient and easy to maintain.
鈼?nbsp;Transmitting system adopts oil pump auto-cycling lubricating, make sure transmitting precision.
鈼?nbsp;Adopting high precision, high rigidity whetted gears, bearing high running and durable, make sure blade-edge joggle exactly, cardboard is level off and clean
鈼?nbsp;High precision shaft, blade carrier design, cutting stably when machine high speed running
鈼?nbsp;Special changing blade structure, quickly and easily changing blade
鈼?nbsp;The system is made according to C.E. standard, and has been strictly tested by industry computer. The quality, life, and stability can be guaranteed.
鈼?nbsp;Driving unit adopts A.C. Servo drive, quickly and exactly acts.
鈼?nbsp;Adopts special power bring and storage type design, save electric and could overcome electric voltage not steady environment.
鈼?nbsp;System has self test function, can prevent machine loss because of abnormal usage and false operation
鈼?nbsp;Computer automatically adjusts cutting speed according to cardboard specifications and production speed, automatically follow cardboard running speed, assure in 鈥損hase.
鈼?nbsp;Computer reserves 999 groups of order, and auto-complete based on the program and preferential condition, the screen display various production message.
鈼?nbsp;Cutting length: 500~9999mm锛宑utting precision :卤1mm銆?/span

G-2200 Pneumatic Separation Tray
鈼?nbsp;Pneumatic lifting device can meet different feeding height requirements
鈼?nbsp;The equipment is connected by channel steel, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.
鈼?nbsp;The pallet is made of profiled material, which is lightweight and rigid.

250P Full-Automatic Stacking Machine
鈼?nbsp;This machine is the equipment for sorting, overlapping, conveying, stacking and traversing cardboard at the end of the production line. The cardboard output after slitting and cross-cutting by the slitting machine and the cross-cutting machine are buffered and overlapped by the conveyor section of the automatic stacker, and tracked at the speed of a certain amount of overlap of the cardboard and the speed of the production line (the amount of overlap can be controlled by the operator According to the actual production situation, flexible adjustment), the cardboard is transported to the stacking part.
鈼?nbsp;The lower layer is three-section belt conveying, and the latter section is corner output. The conveyor belt starts quickly to pull the overlapped cardboard. After the pulled cardboard passes through the conveyor belt, the belt decelerates step by step, so that the undrawn cardboard stays on the conveyor belt. ; The pulled cardboard is quickly output to the stacking table under the drive of the fast conveyor belt. After the transportation is completed, the stacking table traverse motor starts to traverse the cardboard; when the traverse is completed, the next action cycle is entered.
鈼?nbsp;The upper  layer  is four-segment belt conveying. The cardboard enters the stacking part and piles up. The stacking cardboard reaches the detection height, and the stacking lift table is lowered by inches; when it is lowered to the detection position, the conveyor belt starts quickly to pull the overlapping cardboards apart, and the opened cardboards are being transported. After the belt, the belt decelerates step by step, so that the undrawn cardboard stays on the conveyor belt; the opened cardboard is quickly output to the stacking elevator under the drive of the fast conveyor belt. After the transportation is completed, the stacking elevator drops to the lowest point at a constant speed. The traverse motor starts to traverse the cardboard; when the traverse is completed, the stacking lift table rises to the working position and enters the next action cycle.
Max. Mechanical Speed250m/min
Production Line LengthAbout 95meters
Flute ProfilesA,C,B,E flute
Total Power3 Phase 380v 50hz 580kwMulti Layer Corrugated Board Production Line