Plastic Mold Production factoryPlastic Mold Production factoryPlastic Mold Production factory

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a href=""Plastic Mold Production factory/a  1,In recent years, the pace of structural adjustment of multi-cavity and single-cavity mold products industry has accelerated, and the development speed of large, precise, complex and long-life molds is significantly higher than the overall development speed of the industry.
Mold quality and life of interconnected, the material of the main factors affecting the service life of die mold and blank processing, relevant heat treatment, mold machining accuracy (contour precision and position accuracy, etc.), the mould surface quality (including surface roughness, hardness and microstructure of surface layer structure), etc., is one of the most critical factors affecting the precision of the mould, Especially the precision of mold assembly.
Therefore, to make high-precision mold, especially multi-cavity mold, the most important is to use high-quality process plan, in order to improve the processing accuracy and processing efficiency of parts, to meet the market demand.
2, Professional production strength plant and a number of sophisticated equipment
With high speed edM, precision high speed CNC machining center, imported CNC machining center.
Spark machine, high power EDM precision mirror spark machine, wire cutting, gong bed.
Injection molding machine can produce 50,000 grams of various injection molding products.
3, Mold design according to customer needs to provide feasible design scheme
Perfect design process and rigorous working attitude lay a solid foundation for high-quality customer requirements.
1 to 1 service, the project manager to follow up the whole process, so that customers always master the project progress.
4, Excellent quality
Perfect quality management system + standardize mold processing process.
Elaborate processing, dedicated service to customers, take the initiative to improve, all staff quality control, customer satisfaction.
5, Elite team for many years of senior technical experience + strict control of mold precision
With more than years of experience of senior design and development team.
Stable core team backbone, has served hundreds of customers at home and abroad.Plastic Mold Production factory