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wholesale Spirit Levelswholesale Spirit Levels

wholesale Spirit Levels The details of Aluminium Measure Tool Level with Magnet as follow Description Material: Aluminium frame with magnetic Size: 250mm In daily life, people often use a horizontal ruler to detect whether an object is horizontal, and the common one is a horizontal bubble horizontal scale. It is based on the movement of the horizontal bubble in the glass tube to determine whether the object is horizontal, when the horizontal ruler is tilted, the bubble will move to the rising end, so as to determine which end of the surface of the object is high and which end is low. The horizontal ruler is easy to keep: hanging and flat can be placed, and its straightness and parallelism will not be affected by long-term flat placement. And the aluminum and magnesium lightweight flat ruler is not easy to rust: no oil during use, long-term non-use, storage when gently coated with a thin layer of general industrial oil can be. The zero error of the horizontal ruler (including the zero error of the horizontal position, the zero error of the plumb position, and the zero error of the 450 position) and the indexing value error are important items for the scale calibration.wholesale Spirit Levels website:http://www.dingqimaxtool.com/measuring-tools/spirit-levels/