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Food AdditiFood Additive factoryFood Additive factoryve factory

Food Additive factory Product introduction: Glutathione is an essential multi-purpose compound. It鈥檚 a tripeptide,namely glycine,glutamic acid, and cysteine. Function 鈼廜ur body鈥檚 most powerful detoxifier 鈼廙aster antioxidant 鈼廝rotector of DNA 鈼廔mportant nutrient for the production of ATP,the molecule of energy 鈼廗ey to balancing the immune system 鈼廏lutathione regulates cellular division, proliferation and cell death 鈼廏lutathione deficiency leads to an inflammatory state 鈼廏lutathione is involved in sleep and mood.Lack of glutathione can cause insomnia,anxiety,fatigue,depression and cognitive problems. Hunan Bio-essential tech Co., Ltd is uses the enzymatic method to produce Glutathione using self-developed process technology,which has more advantages than other methods 鈼?Specificity reaction 鈼?No side reactions 鈼?HM-free in oxidation 鈼?Environment friendly HPLC Chromatogram for L-GlutathioneFood Additive factory website: