A clever daughter-in-law in the sixties

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Zhang Jiang hadn't eaten meat for a long time, and he didn't have a good airway: "Niang, your face is really big.

Zhang Jiang hadn't eaten meat for a long time, and he didn't have a good airway: "Niang, your face is really big. The second uncle is willing to take the meat ticket because he is thinking about his sister and nephew. Do you still want to follow the market price?"? You can't get such an expensive ticket at the market price outside. It is enviable for city people to eat commodity grain, but it is different from that in the countryside. There are pig killers in the countryside team, but there are scores in the team. If they raise chickens at home, they also have eggs to eat. The city is full of tickets, of course, you can go to the black market to buy, but the price is really doubled. Zhang's mother didn't have a good breath as she went out to take out the money: "It's true that my in-laws are raising chickens at home. I haven't seen an egg for my grandson to eat in the end of the year." Han Guoli ignored her mother-in-law and sent the money to her second brother. Han Guobin didn't say anything. He gave the meat ticket and the egg ticket to his sister and really took care of her. That is to say, his family is not short of meat and eggs, otherwise he would not want to change out. He would go to the old sheep and take the meat and eggs back directly. He would come to look for the old sheep at night and give the rest of the tickets to the old sheep. Old sheep take these tickets to sell, the price can be able to earn a lot, as for his channel, Han Guobin never asked. The tickets were exchanged for meat and eggs, and he went home with them. This year's winter is much colder than in previous years. The second child has caught a cold recently. When Han Guobin came home, Chen Rou had just finished wiping the second child in bed and coaxed him to sleep. Children make trouble when they are not feeling well. When Han Guobin came back, he saw that his daughter-in-law was tired and said, "Wife,Precision Welded pipes, you have worked hard." He also knew that his second son was making trouble these days, and his daughter-in-law was the only one in the family, so he must be tired. It's all right. It's very cold outside. Drink the hot water quickly. Chen Rou poured him hot water and said. Han Guobin nodded and began to drink hot water. Chen Rou looked at the eggs and pork he brought back and said, "Our family is living like this now. If sister-in-law sees it, she will probably sigh with emotion that the landlord's family used to live like this." Han Guobin had to cut the meat three times a month. There were streaky pork with fat and lean, and a piece of lean meat that was specially chopped up and cooked with cabbage. It added up to about two catties. Every time, he would bring eggs with him,cold drawn tubes, more than three or four catties, less than two or three catties. There is still a month to bring back a jar of malted milk. If you really want Mrs. Han to know, how can you describe the life of the landlord's family. As far as she knew recently, Mrs. Han began to encourage her two sons to stay in the old house, just to see if they could eat an egg. But no. Chen Rou also said to her, let her save some thought, also don't call the iron egg donkey egg to lose face in the past. Han sister-in-law estimated that she also knew that some benefits could not be obtained, so she did not let it go, but she muttered a lot here in Chen Rou that this was the way to the end of the old house. Chen Rou also knew that she was conquered by Song Xiaoyu's two clothes, and when she told Mrs. Han, Mrs. Han told her not to be silly. The old couple were not conquered by two clothes, depending on who made them. If it were done by their two daughters-in-law, they would take it for granted, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, and maybe they would have to think about this and that, but if the third family did it, they would be different. Scoring human. Chen Rou smiled, if this sister-in-law inserts the tail to be able to compare the monkey essence really. Han Guobin did not care much when he heard his daughter-in-law's words. Life at home was good, but if he really wanted to compare with those people with good conditions in the provincial capital, it would not be much better. Then he looked at his second son on the Kang and said, "You don't have to go to work tomorrow. Take him to the clinic." "No, it's almost ready." Chen Rou shook her head. She's been to the clinic. There's nothing there. It's not as good as what she keeps in her space. She didn't know what to think at that time. She really collected some things for children, not many, which accounted for ten percent of all the medical supplies. But it can also be used by the waiter. Now there is a warm belly on his navel, and his condition is much more stable. In the middle of the night, the waiter got up to urinate, drank milk again, and was coaxed to sleep by Chen Rou's whispers. When he got up the next morning, he was more energetic. It won't be like that. It's snowing outside today. Han Guobin went out to make breakfast. He put a ladle in the pot, steamed the bean flour steamed bread that his daughter-in-law had made these two days, took out the pork he bought last night, chopped it into meat paste, and chopped the cabbage, which his daughter-in-law taught him. When the steamed bread was ready, he scooped up the water in the pot, added a new one, boiled a pork and cabbage soup, and brought it in. The family gathered around the Kang for breakfast. On a snowy day, there are basically no people inside and outside the countryside, all hiding on the warm Kang in the house. Seeing that it's the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, I haven't heard my mother say that the third cousin will come back this year. It's estimated that they won't come back. Chen Rou sat on the Kang and said as she accepted the soles of her shoes. Definitely not coming back. Han Guobin played with his son. Why don't you come back? Many people are also lively. Chen Judo. I got married last year, and I must have a baby at this time this year. The baby is so small that he can't stand it. Han Guobin said of course. "I heard Mian Mian say she wants to have a baby later," said Chen Rou. Han Guobin smiled: "Your cousin is not stupid, but also by her late." I've been single for so many years, and I finally married a charming educated youth, right? Ok, hurry up on the Kang after marriage, and then go to the hospital to get the condom when you are free to go to the city. If he had changed, he would have done so. He felt that if Gu Chengyao hadn't been stupid, he would have had to let Su Zhiqing give birth to the child first. If the baby is born, you can't run away like a wife, and we can talk about the rest slowly. Chen Rou heard what he meant and looked at him. These smelly men are all thieves. But when it comes to giving birth to a child, sister-in-law Han, after giving birth to her second son Donkey Egg, can be regarded as carrying it this year. Not only she, but also Song Xiaoyu now lives at her mother's home and goes to and from work,side impact beams, because she is pregnant with her second child. The two of them have about the same time. Compared with Song Xiaoyu, sister-in-law Han is a bit of a struggle for this fetus. She has been ordering Big Brother Han to catch fish every day since the slack season, and then she eats more fish on the Kang. Brother Han was confused by the enthusiasm of his wife. cbiesautomotive.com